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Accord understands the employer dilemma for ACA reporting. The impact of ACA reporting on employers was not understood by the authors of the Affordable Care Act, but Accord has created a solution set that organizes and manages the complexities.

Full Service

All in services from Accord includes full data integration from multiple sources, eligibility tracking, measurement period calculations and alerts, 1094-C and 1095-C fulfillment, 1094-C and 1095-C electronic filing with the IRS, as well as optional call center support for employees as they receive their 1095-C information.

Forms Only Year End Filing

Some of our clients only want us to support them at the year end to load their data, produce 1094-C and 1095-C forms, and file with the IRS. Accord has built a process to assist employers with this year end requirement.


One of the most critical calculations involved in ACA reporting is the line 14, 15 and 16 monthly code combinations that are present in Part II of form 1095-C. Literally 90 or more possible combinations can exist depending on the safe harbor method being used. Accord created FormPatrol to instantly audit these code combinations to ensure accuracy BEFORE an employee and the IRS receives annual information.

Data Integration

Understanding the data elements that are critical for accurate ACA reporting cannot be Accord, we get it! We view our role as your personal guide to organizing and moving your data securely to our system, where the rest of the work gets done.

Accord has developed an automated file pipeline to process inbound data files in multiple formats. We map to employer data to simplify the set up process.

Legal Guidance

Accord had partnered with one of the leading Healthcare and ACA attorneys in the space, to provide customers with a resource to ask the complex questions related to reporting in this new environment.

Dependent Age-out Reporting

Accord has begun offering new reporting options to assist customers in managing their medical plans. Dependent aging reports are the first natural step in identifying plan members who are no longer eligible.


Accord is the only ACA software provider that was built from the ground up to support a licensing model. Contact us if your organization is interested in becoming a licensee.